An overview of the "Spicy Latina" trope and what it means when you don't fit the bill

December 2022

A brief overview of Latina Equal Pay Day and what it means

November 2022

A private space for us to converse and connect
Forget Twitter! Join Threads!I’m so excited about Threads—from the very beginning of Hispanic•ish, I’ve wanted to create our own space where you could talk to me and each ot…

October 2022

A brief explanation of Día de los Muertos
Representation is just a step in the process of equity not the ultimate goal.

September 2022

A brief overview of how the Puerto Rican people remain at the mercy of the US - even for electricity
Here is an overview of the Caribbean Carnival and its roots in slavery

August 2022

Respeto emphasizes the importance of setting clear boundaries and knowing your place even if that means never telling your family that they are wrong.

July 2022

Understanding colorism within the Latino culture is critical because despite our best efforts to deny it, it really does exist.
4 Things worth sharing: how to create a list for busy people in need of self-care, new ways to refocus and the best way to allow a conversation to flow…
For the future of our community, we need to learn to start caring about ourselves, even if our abuelas say its selfish.